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A fun, sunshine and engaging collectable educational journey. Collectables with a purpose,
a global first for retail!

ECOHome's vision is to raise awareness and improve education around environmental sustainability through innovative products and solutions that create real change in the behaviour of the everyday South African consumer.

We strive to educate and inspire them about clean living by creating awareness, understanding and giving them usable tools to truly live a sustainable lifestyle, which in return will create awareness on how to look after the Health of our LAND AIR AND SEA.  

Launching in April 2020.

Focusing on the younger members of our society, the EcoHome campaign will take the EDUCATION of sustainable living and living in an eco-friendly manner, into public homes, schools and offices in a fun and enjoyable way to maximise engagement and change perceptions through the educational process it will deliver. 


What is Ecohome?

The EcoHome campaign is a consumer based collectable series of eco-friendly and sustainability focused items that are placed into an EcoHome and Collectively build into a reference model of what the ideal eco-friendly home would look like. 



Each collectable will be available as a fun, sunshine, engaging item and individually packed in a mystery packet, to be assembled by the shopper.


50th World Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Celebrations will include activities such as the Great Global Clean Up, Citizen Science, Advocacy, Education, and art.


is a distributor of energy and water saving products in Southern Africa. We have become a recognized organization that not only provides environmentally sustainable solutions but are also dedicated to the education of the public with reference to sustainable living.

Talk To Us

Jacqueline McCarroll
+27 82 577 3471