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Welcome to the unique concept of EcoHome that seeks to educate young learners in a world that is fraught with climate change and suffering from irresponsible human stewardship.

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What does the program teach the young learners?

The programme was designed to raise awareness in school children around the importance of sustaining energy and other environmental issues, and to influence their attitude and behaviour pertaining to the world around them.

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EcoHome presents nine lessons, each one accompanied by a child-friendly story. There is a model of a cardboard home to be assembled by learners with sixteen practical and colourful items that illustrate crucial environmental saving devices.

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The EcoHome Educator’s Manual is both informative and simple to follow. It is an aid that facilitates progressive lessons with fun and interactive stories for the children to enjoy while they learn.

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What is the aim of EcoHome?

We aim to inspire children to be active in promoting responsible environmental stewardship in their homes, at school and in the communities where they live.

EcoHome lessons present a positive journey for learners by encouraging an interest in preserving all living things, to be responsible caretakers of the earth through concepts of energy and water conservation, waste management through recycling and care of the plant and animal kingdom to conserve our world for future generations.

With support and commitment from sponsors and educators, environmental education will form a vital component within the Life Orientation curriculum in schools.

EcoHome’s: Creating employment in KZN

It is envisaged that the success of the EcoHome Project will create employment through printing, sorting, assembly of packs, the compilation of manuals as well as promotion, distribution, delivery and follow-up.

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EcoHome’s Goal

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The project has already received positive feedback from educators, with excitement and active participation from the learners exposed to it.
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We invite you to join us as we seek entrepreneurial sponsors to partner our passion to make a difference in the lives of school children and the educational system, that through them we ensure the future health and wealth of the world in which we live.

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